Education is the backbone of a nation. Bangladesh is a developing and over-populated country, but it is also blessed with an abundance of diverse talents. If those talents can be brought up to date with the assistance of modern techno-based education, they can be transformed into skilled human resources, and help Bangladesh take its place, and play a major role, as one of the leading nations of the world.

National Institute of Design (NID), the leading institute of Bangladesh has emerged as one of the premier institute in technical and vocational education since its establishment in 2008.

The developed nations are forging even further ahead with the help of appropriately directed techno-based education.

Our vision is to emerge as one of the world’s leading institute for RMG sector through a continuing commitment to the highest academic standards and our mission is to build & nurture a new millennium by helping the industry attain & sustain global leadership. The expertness of our highly experienced industry professionals ensure that students are kept aware of changing demands and opportunities within the design industries. Many of our faculties embedded teaching as careers within the industry. This allows them to pass on invaluable knowledge to students and the latest technology techniques and trends. We can therefore offer out students a combination of intermingled practical and theoretical skill, supported by an understanding of the cultural identities in which design operates.

Higher Education in Bangladesh has failed to provide non-traditional education, and thus many students have chosen to undertake study abroad.   The repatriation rate on completion is very low, due to exposure to differences in environment and technology, and also to extending initial qualifications.