3Ds Max – 3D Modeling


This is a professional level 3Ds Max – 3D Modeling Course. You can do any kind of professional job in related field or Freelancing after completing this course.


Duration: 3 months

Total Class: 22

Total Hour: 44

Contact Hours: Lectures & Practical – 2 Hour/Week

Class Day: Friday & Saturday


3Ds Max

Course Fee: 15,000 BDT

Discount: 60% – 9,000BDT.

After Discount Final Fee: 6000 BDT.


3ds Max 2009 or any upper version.


3Ds MAX “ published by Auto desk ‘’ is an easy-use program for 3D’s architectural ,interior and landscaping scenes which can be rendered as realistic shots.

Our 3Ds MAX Modeling course includes step by step instructions, classroom exercises and discussions for drawing and manipulating 3D data in 3ds Max Design, importing data from other 3D and 2D applications, modeling interior and exterior scenes and exporting plans and elevation to Auto Cad .In order to ensure you will achieve these targeted objectives, you are required to prepare a Final Project.


Need to know AutoCAD

  • Introduction
  • User Interface
  • File I/O
  • Getting Started
  • Transforming Objects
  • Modifying Objects
  • Modelling
  • Materials
  • Mapping
  • Cameras
  • Lights
  • Rendering

Course Objective:

Understanding the basic functionality, features and principles behind 3ds Max Design.

  • Drawing and manipulating 3D data in 3ds Max Design.
  • Importing data from other 3D and 2D applications.
  • Modeling interior and exterior scenes.
  • Exporting plans and elevations to AutoCAD.