Pattern Top’s Variation


In the clothing industry, fashion designers are found different areas to show their creativity that include women’s wear, menswear, children’s wear, footwear, accessories, textiles, interiors, events, packing and toys. Today all the peoples are fashion conscious. Everyone wants to get latest or fashionable dress for their daily life, that’s why career opportunities are increased vastly in our fashion industry.

Finally one sentence is enough to make inspiration for you that is- if you survive yourself just 4-5 years in this sector then you haven’t look back in your next part of life. So, invest your next 4-5 years here and enjoy the rest of the part of your life.


Duration: 2 months

Total Class: 15

Total Hour: 30

Contact Hours: Lectures & Practical – 2 Hour/Week

Class Day: Friday or Saturday


Patter Top’s Variation

Course Fee: 10,000 BDT

Discount: 50% – 5,000BDT.

After Discount Final Fee: 5000 BDT.




In these programs, students gain an overview of the types of patterns, fabrics and sewing styles in the field of fashion design. Programs prepare graduates for work in the fashion field in a variety of roles, such as pattern maker, assistant designer and fit technician.

Here are some common concepts found in patternmaking courses:

  • Sewing
  • Body measurements
  • Types of cloth and clothing
  • Elements of production
  • Design
  • Retail/fashion industry

Introduction to Patternmaking Course

This course introduces students to the essentials they will need for designing various articles of clothing with an emphasis on flat patternmaking. Students will familiarize themselves with the basic slopers, sleeves, collars and bodice silhouettes from which to begin their design, as well as with a variety of fabrics and stitching techniques. Some of the work will be performed with a sewing machine while other work may involve hand-sewing.

  1. Introduction of pattern overview
  2. Measurement process
  3. Basic bodice procedure
  4. Variation of bodice
  5. Basic Sleeves & Collar
  6. Variation of collar
  7. Pattern cutting procedure
  8. Sewing procedure

In the fashion industry, designer is maintaining one of the most essential roles for product design. To lunching a new design, talent and skills are must required. To become a professional and successful designer, some initial creators must be needed like fashion knowledge that ranges all across the industry, fashion trends, sketching, painting, fashion illustration, knowledge about fabrics, colors and others materials, and create prototypes for fashion or trade shows.

Pattern Top’s Variation