“Industry visit(Alim Knit BD)”  for NID students


It’s impressive to witness how Alim Knit (BD) Limited has emerged as a key player in the textile
and garment sector in Bangladesh, and it’s truly commendable that they actively contribute to
the learning experiences of students from the National Institute of Design (NID), recognized as
the best design institute in Bangladesh for B.Sc. & Diploma courses in fashion design.

The seamless integration of Alim Knit into the students’ curriculum through industry visits not
only provides them with valuable insights into the practical aspects of the fashion industry but
also fosters a deeper understanding of the intricacies of fashion design. Alim Knit’s commitment
to innovation and excellence is evident through its substantial investment in cutting-edge
technology and machinery for knitwear production.

The comprehensive structure of Alim Knit (BD) Limited, encompassing essential departments
such as D&D, R&D, CAD, sample room, merchandising, dyeing, cutting, printing, sewing,
finishing, packing, ETP, HR & Admin, library, canteen, and child care, showcases a
well-organized and conducive environment for students pursuing B.Sc. in fashion design and
Diploma courses.

The proactive initiative to allow students to visit all the departments, complemented by special

guides from the production and welfare department, highlights the company’s commitment to
providing a thorough and hands-on learning experience for those engaged in B.Sc. and

Diploma courses in fashion design. This exposure proves invaluable as it allows students to bridge the
gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications in the dynamic realm of the
fashion industry.

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